7 Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

Are you looking for WordPress image optimization plugin for your website? The image makes our website eye-catchy and draws user attention. Images are also an easy way to improve the user experience of your website.

For this, image optimization is very important before uploading. In this article, I will introduce you to the 7 best WordPress image optimization plugin that optimizes images without the hassle. So, let’s dive in deep..

Best 7 WordPress image optimization Plugin

Why need to optimize images?

To design a website, we must need to use images. We can also display text over an image that users like. Besides without images, a website is boring. But the problem is if we use the original image our web page size will bigger and takes more time to load. 

Optimized images reduce sizes up to 90% of the original size without sacrificing image quality. As a result, the webpage size is small and loads in the user’s browser quickly. It also saves server disk space. 

We know, SEO is also very important to get more organic traffic to our website. Optimizing images helps to load fast our website which is very important for SEO. You can also check our other article to speed up your WordPress website.

Now let’s talk about the best free WordPress image optimization plugins.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW image optimizer

EWWW is a popular WordPress image optimization plugin. It has more than 1 Million active users with 1300+ five-star ratings. With the EWWW image optimization plugin, you can optimize images for your website with unlimited file sizes.

You can optimize PNG, JPG, JPEG, WebP, etc images without losing image quality. It automatically optimizes new images quickly. It also allows you to resize images. Another interesting feature is the EWWW takes a backup of your original images. 

This is a free plugin but they have a premium version where available lots of advanced features. With the premium version, you can optimize 5x compression. It also optimizes pdf and google fonts too. You can enable lazy load of your website. They provide support if you face any problems.

ShortPixel – WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is another image optimization plugin for WordPress that allows you to compress images for reducing the size and allow you to create WebP/AVIF image versions. It is a lightweight plugin with easy to use interface. This plugin has more than 300,000 active users worldwide.

ShortPixel compresses all the images including the thumbnail of your website and keeps a backup of original images. It’s really a good feature. You can set the compression level as well. This plugin also monitors website media and once new media is added, the optimization process runs automatically.

You can optimize all formats of images with pdf compression. This plugin also resizes images for different devices. ShortPixel allows you to see optimization reports, image details, and statistics. It is GDPR compliant.

With the free version of ShortPixel, you can optimize the limited number of images. To optimize unlimited images, purchase their premium plan.

Imagify – Optimize and Compress Images Easily

Imagify Optimize Images & Convert WebP

Imagify is another popular WordPress free image optimization plugin. It compresses your website images without reducing image quality and resizes them. You can compress any type of image and convert it to WebP images. This plugin has 700,000+ active installations with 1035+  five-star ratings.

You can easily add the Imagify plugin to your website. This plugin also automatically backup your original images as well. You can set the compression level and able to see all the compression reports and statistics

When new images add the Imagify plugin automatically optimized them. With the free version, you can optimize around 200 images and they offer different pricing plans to purchase as your need.

Smush – Optimize & Compress Images

Another popular WordPress image optimization plugin is Smush. It has great image compression and resizing feature to speed up your website. This is a free plugin that has over 1 million active installations with more than 5000 Five-star ratings.

You can optimize unlimited images with one click without losing image quality. The background optimization feature runs automatically for optimizing new images. It also allows you to resize images and enable lazy load of your website.

With Smush, you can optimize PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, etc format images. The free version allows a maximum of 5MB image size. To get more features and unlimited image size optimization, purchase their premium plan.

Optimole – Image optimization & Lazy Load

Optimole image optimzer

Optimole is a WordPress image optimization plugin for optimizing website images. It is a free plugin in the WordPress repository but the pro plan is available. It is a popular plugin that has five-star ratings with 90,000+ active installations.

With Optimole, you can compress your website images and reduce image size. This plugin support all the image types to compress. The automatic compression features always scan media files and optimize newly added images. Besides, It supports AVIF format for lower image size.

You can enable lazyload and CDN support by using Optimole. The pro plan of Optimole offers many extra features and unlimited image compression. So check their pro plan.

TinyPNG – Best image compression Plugin

TinyPNG JPEG, PNG &-WebP image compression

TinyPNG is a popular online image compression tool for optimizing images. They have also a plugin for WordPress. You can easily install the plugin from the WordPress repository.

This plugin optimizes all the images on your website quickly. It has advanced background optimization to speed up your workflow. You can also resize big images easily with the TinyPNG plugin. Besides, it optimizes new images automatically.

You can see the total savings on the WordPress dashboard. This plugin offers a single API key for multisite use. The free version of the plugin offers a number of images compression per month. To get unlimited compression, buy their pro plan.

reSmush.it – Free WordPress image optimization plugin

reSmush.it is a free and popular image optimizer plugin for WordPress websites. You will get this plugin on the WordPress repository that has 200,000+ active installations worldwide. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin. You can manage your all images with just a click.

This plugin allows you to set image quality (0 to 100) after compression. You can also see all compression statistics and logs. reSmush.it always monitors the media library and optimizes images automatically when a new image is added.


There are lots of image optimization plugins available but which is best? It is a question. Every plugin that I explained above offers a nearly similar feature. Every plugin is popular as well. You can use any of them.

Besides, all the plugin has a pro version with advanced features. If you want advanced features and unlimited image optimization, you can buy the pro version. 

I hope you read the full article and now you can choose one about your needs. Leave a comment if you have any questions and continue reading the one below.

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