How to install WordPress on live server? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Are you want to install WordPress on live server, but don’t know how? Read the full article. Here I will show you 2 methods.

install wordpress on live server

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the internet, and it’s used by millions of websites worldwide. Whether you’re creating a blog, an e-commerce store, or a business website, WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that can help you achieve your goals. 

Installing WordPress on a live server can seem like a hard task, but with the right guidance, it’s actually quite easy. You can easily install WordPress on live server by just following a few steps. 

Before starting, first, we need to select the best domain name and hosting plan.  We already published articles on how to select the best domain name and hosting plan and also how to connect the domain name with a hosting server. So first check those articles.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of installing WordPress on a live server, step by step. So let’s get started!

Install WordPress on live server by uploading a file.

Installing WordPress CMS on your server by uploading files is slightly hard than one-click installations. But if you understand the installation process, it is easy for you. Now follow the steps to install WordPress manually on the live server:

Step 1: Download the WordPress package

Go to WordPress’s official website ““. You will see a “Get WordPress” button at the right top and click on it. After redirecting, you will get the “Download WordPress” button to download the latest WordPress zip file. Save the downloaded file to your pc.

Step 2: Upload WordPress package on Hosting 

In this step, you need to login cPanel first. If you don’t know how to log in cPanel follow the steps:

  • Open a web browser and type the URL of your hosting provider’s cPanel login page. This is usually in the format of “
  • Enter username and password. Your hosting provider provides that information via email. If you don’t have them, contact your hosting provider’s support team.
  • After entering your username and password, click on the “LogIn” button.

After successful login, Go to “File Manager” from the “Files” tab. Now go to the “Public_html” folder by double-clicking. Now upload the downloaded file by clicking the “Upload” button from the top bar.

Cpanel file manager
upload file

After completing uploading, go back to the Public_html folder again and you will see the uploaded file. Now select the “zip file” and extract it by clicking the “Extract” button right on the top bar. After Extracting you will see all the WordPress files. Now move to next step 3.

extract file

Step 3: Create a database and user

In step 3, go to cPanel by clicking “cPanel logo” at the top-left. Follow the steps

  • Go to “MySQL Database
  • Create New Database by entering the database name.
  • Scroll bottom, you will see fields for Add New User.
  • Enter username and password and click on “create user“.
Create New Database
create database user

After creating a user, you will see fields to add the user to the database. Select the database and username and click on the “Add” button. It will redirect you to another page and here check the “All privileges” and click on the “Make changes” button at the bottom.

add user to database
cPanel wordpress

Step 4: Fill in database details 

Now go to the website by entering your domain name and select the language. You will see a form to provide database information to connect the database that we created previously. After providing database information, click on the “Submit” button.

providing database information

If the database is connected successfully, you will see a success message and then click on the “Run the installation” button. After installation is complete, a welcome message will appear and you also need to provide website login or administrator login information. 

admin username password

Note: This information is important and it will be needed to log in t the website dashboard. So keep this information in a safe place.

After entering all administrator information, click on the “Install WordPress” button and you will see a success message. Now click on login. 

Step 5: Login to the website dashboard

The website will redirect you to the WordPress default login page. You can also access the website login page using the link below:

Now provide the username and password that you set for site access or administrator and click on “Login”. 

All done and you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard to manage your website. 

Install WordPress using Softaculous

Installing WordPress using Softaculous is an easy process. You can install it within a moment by providing some information. So, without wasting time, let’s install it.

  • Go to your website cPanel. I already explained the login process above. 
  • Find the Softaculous section at the bottom and click on “WordPress”. Click on the”Install Now” button.
Install wordperss
  • Now select the WordPress version that you want to install. Make sure the website protocol is ‘https://“.
  • Choose the domain and delete “wp” from the directory field.
  • Now provide the site title and site description.
  • Provide admin account information. This information will need to log in to your website’s dashboard.

If you want to change the database name and table prefix, expand the Advanced Options tab and you will see the field to change. It is optional.

Now go to the bottom and click on the “Install” button.

After installation completes, you will see “Congratulation” message and website login URL. You can also access your website login page using this link:

So, WordPress installation is complete. If you are new and don’t know about WordPress Dashboard, You can read our article where we provided complete WordPress dashboard guidelines.


The WordPress installation process is not hard. If you install WordPress on live server manually, it takes some time and you need to complete some steps. On the other hand, Softaculous enables you to install WordPress within a moment.

I hope you read the full article and let us know which process you prefer. Comment to us if you have any questions and share the article if you like this.

Keep continuing to read our blog.

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