How to duplicate a page in WordPress?

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Duplicating a page in WordPress can be a time-saving technique that allows you to create a new page with similar content and layout as an existing page. Also If you want to reuse an existing page as a template or simply create variations of a page with similar design elements, duplicating pages can ease your workflow and enhance your productivity. 

You can duplicate pages or post manually or using plugins. Some page builders or add-ons provide duplicating features by default. In this guide, I will show you the step-by-step process of how to duplicate a page in WordPress, using both manual and plugin methods. So Let’s get started.

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Some popular page and post duplicate plugins

PluginActive UsersDownload link
Duplicate Page2+ millionDownload
Duplicate Page and Post100,000+Download
Duplicate Post, Page, Menu & Custom Post Type30,000+Download
WP Duplicate Page20,000+Download
Duplicate Page or Post10,000+Download
Duplicate Post, Page & Any Custom Post10,000+Download

How to duplicate a page in WordPress?

Step 1: Duplicate a page in WordPress using a plugin.

In the first step, I will show you how to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. So first we need to install a plugin. There are lots of plugins available in the WordPress directory.

To install a plugin go to WordPress Dashboard PluginsAdd New. Now search the Duplicate page in the search field at the top right. Now Install the first plugin and Activate it.

Install page duplicate plugin

Now go to DashboardPages and you will see the “Duplicate this” option under the page title. Click on Duplicate this option to duplicate the page.

duplicate this option

After duplicating the page you can see the duplicated page with the same page name as a draft. Now edit the page and change the page name/title, permalink(URL) and publish the page. So our page duplication is complete. You can also duplicate posts using the same process.

duplicated page
edit title, url, publish the name

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Step 2: Duplicate a page in WordPress manually.

Now let’s duplicate the page manually. In this process, we will copy all the page content and paste them to another new page. So let’s see how:

Go to Dashboard and edit the page which you want to duplicate. Now click on the “Three dots” at the top right. Then click on “copy all blocks“. So we successfully copied all the blocks of the page with styles.

Now go to DashboardPagesAdd New. Enter the page title and paste the blocks by right click. Now publish the page. Now visit the page.

paste all the block

Now let’s see the settings of this plugin

To access the duplicate plugin settings, go to settingsDuplicate page. From the settings, you can choose the editor, Duplicate Post Status, Redirect to after clicking on the “Duplicate This” Link and also add Duplicate Post Suffix. After changing, you must save it by clicking on the “Save changes” button

duplicate page plugin settings

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Duplicating a page or post in WordPress is a simple and efficient way to save time and effort when creating a similar layout or content. By following the steps above, you can replicate an existing page’s layout, settings, and content, eliminating the need to start from scratch. 

Another approach is to manually duplicate a page by copying its content and settings. This means you need to create a new page, paste the copied content, and adjust any necessary settings to match the original page. But I recommend duplicating a page in WordPress by installing a plugin.

So I hope you will understand how to duplicate a page in WordPress website. If you face any problems, let us know via comment.

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