How to Add Client Feedback Form in WordPress? Step-by-step

Do you want to add client feedback form in WordPress?


Client feedback is very important to grow a company or business. It does not matter what your company size or what type of business is, feedback is always helpful for you.

If you are using WordPress to build your company website, collecting feedback from your client is very easy. You can collect feedback by implementing a feedback form. 

In this article, I will show you a step-by-step process about how you can add a client feedback form to your WordPress website. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Why should we need to add client feedback form in WordPress website?

Collecting feedback from clients is very important to grow any business. using a feedback form, your clients can easily leave their valuable feedback about your business and service.

Adding a client feedback form allows visitors to share their thoughts and helpful suggestions, or report issues with ease. This will help you to understand your audience’s needs and help to improve website content or your company’s service.

On the other hand, If you provide any service and collect feedback from your client to display it on your website, it helps to trust on your company for new visitors. They will also understand your service quality. So, new visitors will also be willing to take your service without any doubt.

Now let’s see how to add a client feedback form to your website.

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How to Add Client Feedback Form in WordPress?

Adding a client feedback form in WordPress is easy. We just need to install a plugin. In the WordPress repository, you will find lots of free form plugins. You can use any from there. You can also check our other article to learn about the Best Free WordPress Form Builder Plugins.

In this tutorial, I will use the Forminator plugin. Forminator is a great and advanced plugin that allows you to create any form for free. So let’s begin installing the plugin.

Step 1: Install and activate the Forminator plugin

Installing the plugin is easy. If you use WordPress, I hope you know about the plugin installation. 

Go to WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New. After redirection, go to the search field at the top right and search for the Forminator plugin. Now install and activate the forminator plugin.

Installing forminator plugin

Step 2: Add client feedback form in WordPress.

Now let’s create a client feedback form. Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Forminator >> Forms. After redirection, you will see the Create button. Click on the Create button.

Create form using forminator

Now select the form template. You can use any premade template or start with blank. Click on Continue and enter the form name. Now click on the Create button.

forminator form build

You will be redirected to the form builder page. Insert your essential fields, change the label, placeholder, and also send button text. Once done, click on Publish

Create feedback form

After publishing, you will get a shortcode. Copy it. You can also get this shortcode form Forminator >> forms and click on the settings icon of the form at right >> Copy the shortcode.

copy shortcode

Step 3: Implement feedback form to page

Now let’s implement the form to the page. Here I show you by creating a new page. You can also implement the form on any existing page. 

Go to WordPress dashboard >> Pages >> Add new. Provide a page title and add a shortcode block. Now paste the shortcode and publish the page. 

Publish feedback form page

Step 4: Customize the feedback form. 

If you want to customize your form to match your brand or website, you can do it easily. Go to Forminator >> Forms and Edit the form that you want to customize.


Now go to appearance and you will see many customization options. Once customization is done, click on update

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Implementing a client feedback form to the WordPress website is very important to grow any business. This enhances user engagement, improves customer satisfaction, and also helps users to trust your business.

Adding a client feedback form to your WordPress website is not hard. If you do not have any coding knowledge, you can easily implement the form. With the steps I outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly integrate the feedback form.

This plugin also allows you to customize form color and typography. So you can easily customize the form to match your brand. If you face any issues with this, let us know. Continue reading to know more advanced tips.

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