5 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Getting engagement is very important to grow your brand. And social media is a very powerful platform that can help you to do so. Using this You can even get huge traffic from social media platforms if you get shared by your audience. And also for getting the followers we also need the social media icons list. Here I am going to share about 5 best social media plugins for WordPress that can help you to get more traffic to your blog or website.

5 Best WordPress social media plugins

1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

This is a very useful plugin to show your Instagram feed on your website. It has many cool features that you can use completely free. But it has the premium version as well. If you need the premium version you can migrate.

Smash Balloon social photo feed

Plugin Features: 

  • Super simple to set up
  • Display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed or in separate feeds
  • Completely responsive and mobile ready
  • Completely customizable
  • Display multiple Instagram feeds on the same page or on different pages throughout your site
  • Customize each instagram feed using shortcode options
  • Customizable thumbnail from Instagram feed
  • Infinitely load more of your Instagram photos with the ‘Load More’ button
  • Follow on Instagram button at the bottom of your feed
  • Display a beautiful header at the top of your feed
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript for even deeper customizations

2. Social Media Share Buttons Popup & Pop Up Social Sharing Icons

This is another good plugin which is very easy to use. All you have to do is just install the plugin and then configure all the icons with the links. And you will get many options for customizing it and finally, you have to use a shortcode to show it anywhere you want. It has 200+ social platforms and you have the opportunity to upload custom icons as well based on your needs.

Social Media Share button

Plugin features: 

  • 16 different designs for your social media share icons
  • ‘float’ or ‘sticky’ social media icons
  • Allow visitors to subscribe blog by Email
  • Counts option on social media button
  • Decide to display sharing-buttons and social media icons at the end of every post
  • Select from many other customization features for your social media icons!

3. Simple Social Media Share Buttons – Social Sharing for Everyone

This is another great plugin that has an advanced set of social media sharing buttons for your WordPress sites, such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest. And it has some wonderful positioning systems that can amaze you like Flying on bottom left & right with Animations.

Simple Social Buttons

Plugin features: 

  • Fully customizable 
  • Set icons in best position based on your need
  • Set button top and bottom of the post content
  • Hide buttons option for mobile devices
  • Wonderful animations
  • buttons on left & right sidebars with Animations
  • Display total share counts
  • Social Share buttons on popups
  • Trigger pop ups as soon as use scrolls the page
  • Trigger popups on Exit/Intent.

4. Social Media Auto Publish

It’s possible to get enough traffic from social media. And this is another useful plugin which will help to publish your blog posts automatically to your social media networks like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Auto Publish

Plugin Features:

  • Publish message to Facebook with image
  • Attach post to Facebook
  • Share link on Facebook
  • Post to specific pages on Facebook
  • Post to Twitter with image
  • Post to LinkedIn with image

5. Sassy Social Share

Sassy social share plugin is another great plugin with a bunch of available options. It enables your site to share your content over Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, What’s app, tumblr, Pinterest and 100 more social sharing and bookmarking services. This is a very simple and lightweight plugin which is also very easy to use.

Sassy Social Share

Plugin Features:

  • Around 100 Social Sharing/Bookmarking services
  • Social Media follow icons (Redirect website visitors to your Social Media pages)
  • Share counts are supported for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Buffer, Reddit, Pinterest, Odnoklassniki, Fintel and Vkontakte
  • FREE Icon Customization options
  • Url Shortening Service integration
  • Rearrange Order of Social Share icons
  • Specify Position of Social Sharing Bar with respect to content – Top and Bottom
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Enable Social Sharing at WooCommerce products
  • Official Like Buttons
  • Widgets and Shortcodes

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